• Balanced Budget was approved as presented.
  • Public Comment: The topic of 5th/6th Grade Basketball was presented. 
  • Approved the Consent Agenda
  • Administrative and Committee Reports
    • Strategic Planning  committee met and will meet again on Oct. 6th
    • OGS Construction meeting with Ameresco on Sept. 27th 
    • November date is set for the OEA file of Arbitration against the District.
    • Adding a District COVID Interventionist/Health Clerk Position was discussed.
  • The Board of Education met with the Oakwood Education Association (OEA) during closed session in response to the OEA Demand to Bargain the Impact of the Governor's Executive Order on Vaccinations/Testing for School Personnel. 
  • Adopted the Bond Resolution
  • Adopted the Bond Escrow Resolution
  • Approved the additional surety Bond for the Treasurer
  • Employed: Johanna Smith (PT PM Custodian), Joseph Smith (JH Asst. Girls Basketball Coach), Kelly Hobbs (HS Financial Secretary), Parker Lee as 7th/grade boys basketball coach.
  • Approved several Bass Fishing Volunteer assistant coaches
  • Approved the dedication of the OHS Football Field as "Marty McFarland Field" on 10/8/21
  • "Tabled" the recommendation for the District COVID Interventionist/Health Clerk Position 
  • Next Regular Meeting is Oct. 20, 2021 at 5:30 pm