Sarah Wells, Chair

Dawn Pricer, Vice-Chair

Amy McFarland, Treasurer

Heather Fleming, Secretary

Barbara Fink

Steve Drollinger 

Megan Sims

Randy Smith, School Board President - Ex-Officio

Supt. Larry Maynard - Ex-Officio

E-mail: ocef.information@gmail.com

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The Oakwood Community Education Foundation has one simple goal: To provide Oakwood students with the best education possible!

The Oakwood Community Education Foundation was formed in 2005 to provide funding for unique programs and projects that enhance the academic experience of students and support the work of teachers. The Foundation attracts funds and other resources to make important additions to the school district curriculum. These gifts can come from individuals, businesses, grants or other resources. Contributions can also be made in honor of or in memory of an individual.

The purpose of the Foundation is to

  • Make advancements in our academic programs, now and for years to come;

  • Keep our students current with technology;

  • Promote student development through enrichment programs and activities, and recognize student accomplishments;

  • Provide resources for creative teaching ideas;

  • Encourage community partnerships;

  • Provide ways for individuals and organizations to share resources with the school to enhance learning; and

  • Develop cooperative projects among the Foundation, community groups and the school district.

We need your help! There are a number of ways community members can support the work of the Foundation

  • Make a charitable contribution;

  • Share this information with someone;

  • Encourage your employer to make a gift or match your gift; or

  • Volunteer.

For more information about the mission of the Oakwood Community Education Foundation, please contact an OCEF board member.

The non-profit dollars raised by the Foundation are managed and controlled 100% locally. They will not affect federal, state, or local school funding resources or reimbursements. If you would like to support the OCEF with a monetary donation, please feel free to mail your contribution to: OCEF, Box 654, Oakwood, IL 61858