The Oakwood Unit 76 School District will provide the most effective education possible to maximize the learning potential of each student.

Mission Statement

To educate each student in a safe learning environment, working in partnership with students, teachers, staff, parents, & community, towards a common goal of providing the students with tools to achieve academically, personally and socially in a diverse and changing world.

Governing Value Statements


  • All children can learn.

  • A safe and secure environment is essential for learning.

  • Enriched educational opportunities and varied experiences help children learn to their potential.

  • Technology and other media-related learning tools help stimulate learning for children.


  • Open, honest communication is crucial for a quality school.

  • High expectations help children reach their potential for academic and personal growth.

  • Students will explore critical thinking skills to facilitate problem solving and adapting to change.

  • As a community of life-long learners, we will strive to do our best to persevere and be responsible for our own destinies.


  • Respect and responsibility are crucial to an effective learning environment.

  • Learning about diversity in society helps students learn about other cultures.

  • Open, honest communication combined with ethical behavior and integrity is central to the organization and fosters community trust.