*Approved Consent Agenda: Minutes, Bills, Imprest & Activity Fund, Treasurer Report.

1.  Approved - "Action on Memorandum of Understanding with OEA related to working conditions for Spring 2021, implementing Board's action to expand in-person learning to 4 days per week." 
2. Approved the Baseball Field Agreement with the Oakwood Village as presented.
3. Approved the CDS Copier Lease for 5 years with the Option B-3 as presented.
4. Approved the Summer Hours of 6am to 2:30pm for full time custodians, and custodial/maintenance positions (same as the prior year).
5. (OGS) Employed  Julie Barr to fill the OGS vacancy for the position of secretary in the 2021-22 school year. This is a 11month position and will be on step 1. 
6. (OGS) Employed Viviana Anderson for the position of OGS personal aide position on step 1. 
7. (OGS) Employed Baylee Unekis for the position of OGS personal aide position on step 1. 
8. (OJHS) Employed Marcy Nicoson to fill the OJHS 7th/8th grade Scholastic Bowl Coach vacancy on step 1.
9. (OJHS) Employed Jeff Sheehan to fill the OJHS 7th & 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach vacancies on step 4. 
10. (OHS) Employed Christina Cravens to fill an English vacancy at OHS for the 2021-22 school year. Mrs. Cravens will be on Step 13 (B.S) of the teacher’s contract.
11. (OHS) Employed McKenzie Doan as Assistant Volleyball Coach for OHS on step 2. 
12. (OHS) Employed Tyler Peterson to fill the Assistant Scholastic Bowl Coach position for OHS on step 1. 
13. (OHS) Employed Lexi Smith for the OHS Head Softball position on step 1.
14. (OHS) Employed Jeff Mandrell for the OHS Head Boys Track & Field Coach vacancy on step 3.
15. Discussed the Superintendent Evaluation & Contract Extension for an action item in April.
14. NEXT REGULAR MEETING: April 21, 2021 (Third Wednesday of the Month) at 5:30 p.m