1. Approved Consent Agenda: Bills, Imprest, Treasurer Report(s), and Resignations of Dave Markwell (OJHS Head Softball Coach), Christine Drent (School Nurse), and Dorrie Pierce (OJHS Part-time PM Custodian).
  2. Action Items: 
    1. Approved 3% pay increase recommended by the Finance Committee 2020-21 SY for the following positions: Chris Richardson (Tech Coord.), John Siddens (Head of Maint.), Anne Burton (JH Principal), Michelle Kimbro (Curriculum Coord.), Nicole Lapenas (GS Principal), and John Odle (HS Asst. Principal). 
    2. Approved 3% increase for the hourly rate of pay for Dinah Clingan as Accounts Payable and H.R.
    3. Employed Sarah Brown to fill the nurse vacancy.
    4. Employed Ann Soderstrom to fill the OGS teacher aide vacancy.
    5. Temporarily Employed Erinn Brimbury as OHS Full Time English Sub for Mr. Hayworth.
    6. Temporarily Employed Aime Baumeister to teach two hours per day with the Advanced Placement and Honors English classes at OHS for Mr. Hayworth.
    7. Employed Shannon Wallace as the OHS Sophomore Class Sponsor.
    8. Employed Kris Hawker as OJHS Full-time Sub for Mrs. Alicia Peterson.

Next Meeting is Nov. 18, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.